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    Cathay Association for International Business is a not-for-profit partnership organisation based in London. The committee comprises a group of senior western and Chinese professionals who are passionate in their commitment to making the Association a platform to connect UK-based Chinese and local people and businesses in the UK. It plans to develop similar bodies in other English-speaking countries...
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    A Message from our Chairman

    We are both professionals who have lived and worked in Hong Kong and the UK, who know China well, and who are passionate about the opportunities for Chinese and western professionals in the UK--and ultimately elsewhere in the west--to develop networks and skills, share learning and work experiences and above all to exchange ideas...
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    Entrepreneurship in the UK

    Our guest panel was made up of John Zai, Cocoon Networks, Pippa Watmough, Piggyback Property, Lars Andersen, My Name Tags and Arty Lobster and Jun Zhang, Ernst & Young
    Topics that were covered included reasons for starting a business, entrepreneurial characteristics, key factors to success, funding, timing, women in business and obstacles for foreigners in the UK.....

About Cathay Association

We have a strong team of guiding professionals on our Board.

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